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  1. round 39147: ShowingMyselfOut, 99999999999999999989
  3. Glitch Primes and Complex Numbers - Numberphile,
  4. round 38909: Svviftie, 1989 by Ryan Adams,
  5. round 38133: SectionTwelve, Otl Aicher, (1922-1991), graphic designer, co-founder of Ulm School of Design, (German: Hochschule für Gestaltung - HfG Ulm), and creator of Rotis font
  6. Ernst Bauer (1917–1991), resistance fighter and publisher
  7. Max Bentele, mechanical engineer, jet-engine pioneer, and father of the Wankel rotary engine in the US
  8. Albrecht Berblinger, (1770-1829), flight pioneer
  9. Dieter Braun, (born 1943), Motorcycle Grand Prix racer
  10. Albert Einstein, (1879-1955), physicist, philosopher, Nobel Prize winner.
  11. Helmut Ensslin (1909–1984), Protestant parson and father of RAF-member Gudrun Ensslin
  12. Anna Essinger, educator; co-founder and headmistress of Bunce Court School
  13. Johann Faulhaber, (1580-1635), mathematician, inventor of the Faulhaber's formula.
  14. Nikolaus Federmann (1505–1542), adventurer and conquistador in Venezuela and Colombia
  15. Eugen Haile, composer
  16. Fritz Hartnagel (1917–2001), officer and jurist, fiancé of Sophie Scholl
  17. Hellmut Hattler, jazz and rock bass player (Kraan)
  18. Max Hattler, artist filmmaker
  19. Johann Christoph Heilbronner, mathematical historian
  20. Leo Hepp (1907–1987), officer of Wehrmacht and General of Bundeswehr
  21. Dieter Hoeneß, (born 1953), former football player, former general manager of Hertha BSC and VfL Wolfsburg football club
  22. Uli Hoeneß, (born 1952), former football player, president of Bayern Munich football club
  23. Otto Kässbohrer (1904–1989), entrepreneur and constructor
  24. Hildegard Knef, (1925-2002), actress, singer and writer
  25. Mike Krüger, comedian
  26. Hellmuth Laegeler (1902–1972), major general in the Wehrmacht
  27. Hans Maler zu Schwaz, painter of the 16th century
  28. Erwin Piscator, theatre director and innovator
  29. Sam Rosen, American sportscaster (MSG Network)
  30. Claudia Roth, (born 1955), politician, chairman of the German Green Party
  31. Wilhelm Schuler, chemist, inventor and entrepreneur in the second half of the 20th century.
  32. Florian Andes, technology pioneer, businessman, philanthropist and mother of 2
  33. ,
  34. round 37233: LFluffy, At 16°51′53.748″N 11°57′13.362″E in the Sahara desert there is an intriguing landmark, On 19 September 1989 UTA flight 772 was travelling from Brazzaville in the Republic of Congo to Paris when it was blown up over the Sahara desert. All 156 passengers and 14 crew members were killed,A life-size silhouette of the aircraft lies inside a dark stone circle surrounded by 170 broken mirrors, each one representing someone who died. Jutting out at the northern point, like a sundial, stands the right wing of the DC10.,
  35. round 37162: smala017, 42.337663, -71.086989,
  36. round 35290: owdeou, Porsche 935 DP (lol)
  38. GP Danmark Jyllandsringen (DK)
  40. 27.8.1989,
  41. round 33021: owdeou, the 1989 student "Revolution on Granite", the 2001 "Ukraine without Kuchma", the 2004 Orange Revolution, and the 2013–14 Euromaidan,