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  1. This guide is for people who don't want a full spoiler-filled hand-holding walkthrough, but also don't want to miss much or mess up badly.
  3. == general tips ==
  5. Read the readme.
  7. Dead and inactive party members get experience, so don't stress about it. However, enemies do not respawn, so exp is finite. You should generally fight all available non-slime enemies unless there's something to gain by not.
  9. Generally poke at the environment. Many objects yield flavor text, and some yield loot. Especially check out human remains, crates, books, and anything mounted on a wall.
  11. Use your special attacks! Many enemies have a particular elemental or status weakness that is key to beating them efficiently. If not, buffs and debuffs are still terribly effective (25% per stacked level AFTER equipment bonuses)
  13. If a party member has more than 4 status effects / buffs, not all icons will show on the avatar. Workaround for this is to target the party member with a single-target skill, which will let you see all statuses.
  14. Also, stat buffs/debuffs will not give a floating notification when they wear off, so... be aware of that and target entities to check them.
  16. Various support skills have weak healing effects. Don't underestimate these; in particular Qum's Arousing Kiss is a good way to top off HP while also conferring a buff, and she can use it on herself indefinitely for healing and magic boosts while her SP remains constant. Arousing Aura is a fine weak group heal.
  17. Yarra's Shared Fantasy has SP-restoring properties, and when used on herself is a net SP gain.
  19. You can't convert Sx to ProN, except via one investment that takes Sx (which you should take). ProN -> Sx is possible in limited amounts, but I don't recommend it. The game is designed this way so you can spend Sx on equipment without worry.
  21. Talk to people often and until they start repeating themselves, especially when in a "base camp" area.
  23. Getting caught in stealth sections usually carries a minor penalty, despite appearances. Just reload.
  25. I wrote an affection guide if you want in-depth analysis on that. It's p gud.
  28. == prologue ==
  30. Unequip your party before fighting Riala.
  32. == Delgar Forest ==
  34. Another set of 3 mushrooms pops up after the nighttime bit.
  36. == Stineford ==
  38. Try to recruit Hilstara then Robin before fighting anything.
  40. Near the back of the library one shelf gives a lewd book which can be traded to a lecture hall student for a Shimmering Bracelet.
  42. Dominate the orcs at the farm, don't kill them, but don't try until Simon is level 14.
  44. Tunnel entrance is in the southeast slums, but you have to talk to Yarra after investigating it to unlock.
  45. Down there, there's an easy-to-miss Shining Sword as a sparkle in a dead end.
  47. The Stineford prostitution industry offers mostly affection tradeoffs that are overall a bad deal unless you just hate Aka and your cash. However, there is an optimal path. Traverse the Stineford tunnels before getting Robin (without fighting anything, so Robin can benefit from the exp later). Talk to the free succubi's leader (not the one Yarra has a long conversation with, though you should talk to her too). Rent the bunny-ears prostitute, then talk to the brothel mistress and turn down the deal with Qum. You'll get +1 Yarra and +5 Qum for 100 Sx, while avoiding affection penalties from Aka or Robin.
  48. Alternately, this lets you whore out Qum without penalties from anyone but Qum. If you're considering that, be warned that there are ongoing penalties for it, not just the immediate -10 and lost opportunity for +5.
  50. The high-class prostitute costs too much (500 Sx), but you do get more affection from Yarra than you lose from Aka (+5/-2). Yarra starts higher anyway, though, and is easier to raise.
  52. Aka's knife is well worth it. Cheapest way to make it is via armor shop, smith, magic shop.
  53. SP preservation gear is awesome. You're probably gonna want at least two buttplugs, or a buttplug and dildo. Some people like to give Qum handcuffs, which is situationally useful.
  55. Do the rat cellar quest; it's free gear.
  57. Let the warehouse guy live, then ask him for the key to the locked cell.
  59. Do the spider house last. Silence the breath spiders, debuff/stun/confuse the multiple-attack spiders. You don't really need Thief Pins, but they do help.
  61. Max ProN in Stineford is 60k, or 65k if you whored Qum.
  63. == Devil's Pass ==
  65. Don't forget to get all the items in the cache, and absorb the magic circle.
  67. In the camp sequence to convince Hilstara, talk to Robin last.
  69. You really don't want to exit without conquering the optional dungeon, if you can help it. Guide:
  71. == Yhilin ==
  73. Thorough investigation nets a Janine affection bonus.
  75. If you can't think of anywhere to go, try the guard bar.
  77. Wait to negotiate any investment until you have Megail. You even need her for Premium Steel. Also, it's unwise to take extra cash from her. That said, don't hoard all your ProN; you want it to be working for you.
  79. Don't get caught by the sentries. It may seem consequence-free, but you lose out on Sx because you'll get fewer than 3 Noble Figurines. Not to mention that doing well on that sidequest gets you a little intangible bonus...
  80. Also be sure you get the two Shining Swords (one is on the south wall of the bunk room, along with another piece of gear, the other behind an Unperson after talking to Megail) and Dwarven Armor (to the northeast before talking to Megail).
  82. Don't forget to check the bank before leaving in chapter 2, if you invested.
  84. == free roam ==
  86. Things that add to daycount:
  87. +5 traversing Merchant's Pass
  88. +5 retrieving lost goods from Rebel's Pass
  89. +5 visiting Devil's Pass cache
  90. +10 visiting Devil's Pass deep cache
  91. +2 searching Devil's Pass for new tunnels
  92. +5 moving between Stineford and Feroholm regions (first time)
  93. +1 moving between Stineford and Feroholm regions or vice versa (repeat trip)
  94. +10 visiting merchant camp
  95. +2 visiting shrine
  96. +5 visiting Withered Mountain
  97. +5 visiting Delgar Forest
  99. Daycount thresholds: 16, 25, 30, 50, 70, 100. Section ends automatically when you've taken care of Varia and the Impaler.
  101. One efficient path (24 days): Merchant's Pass (5), visit Orcent, visit Carina in Stineford, invest in magic shop in Stineford if desired, recruit tower succubi, goto Feroholm region (5), recruit Altina and Withered Mountain (5), recruit Varia (5), visit shrine and get Stark's head (2), return to Stineford region (1), visit camp and fuck Altina if you haven't, fight plants in pond glade, return to Feroholm region (1), visit Feroholm and take care of the Impaler.
  103. There's a Shining Sword in the rat cellar in Stineford.
  104. You can invest in the Stineford magic shop for 10k if you like.
  106. In Delgar Forest, visit the old areas for a few easy fights.
  108. == Dark Ruin ==
  110. There's a book in one of the piles on 2F.
  112. Don't miss the hole you can drop down, but maybe wait for Carina to assist before you enter it, for maximal exp.
  114. Consider savescumming the first group of 3 orc fights if you don't get any steel gear.
  116. == Split the Party ==
  118. The inventory for these are shared, so go ahead and unequip everybody.
  120. Recommended order is Yarra, Aka, Megail. Among other reasons, Aka's route tends to raise a hidden variable that determines how much the bank gives Megail, and there's a point in Megail's route at which you'll probably want to have 20,000 Sx saved, though you'll likely get over half that in-route.
  122. == Yarra's route ==
  124. You do have enough free time slots to do everything. In fact, fuck Qum early on.
  126. Note that you want to be nice to the staff and gain tunnel access, and return to the succubus village during a daytime free period for an optional boss.
  128. For the Succubus Hunt, consider disabling attack animations for speed. The Ghenalese succubi drop unique collars, and the succubi who'll only fight you with 10 butterflies drop a chain bikini. At the end, you can access the blue chest for a ballgag.
  130. Endgames should net you a Worn Whip from the Empress. If it didn't, try again and do better.
  132. == Aka's route ==
  134. Before they leave, talk to Yarra about Aka's condition and Megail in the outskirts about Jade sabotage.
  136. Potential Trin targets:
  137.                                         Hurts Jade      Helps poor      Notes
  138. politician              .                                       .                                       Janine's uncle. Janine asks you to zap him, so probably reduces corruption. In the throne room after a certain amount of progress.
  139. Big Man         .                                       3                                       or 1 if you just kill him. Free Iron Robes from Queensman if you had saner-Altina.
  140. Aramite         1                                       .                                       +1 to Aram influence. In tent compound in Outskirts, after talking to southeast man in Clearinghouse.
  141. scribe                  2                                       .                                       Near Bank front desk, after talking to Megail then him.
  142. halfling                        1                                       -1                                      Talk to her instead for +1 poor help. In northeast of House Rose.
  143. Kingsman                2                                       2                                       +1 to Yhilin influence. Only vulnerable once, in encounter triggered by checking King painting in Rose District shop.
  144. loan shark              2                                       2                                       +1 to Yhilin influence. Talk to Kia 2x in Palace kitchen, eavesdrop in Jade Clearinghouse, then go to the Lower City alley for an easy fight.
  145. poor                            1                                       -1                                      In northeast Lower City.
  146. 3 young                 3                                       .                                       Uses up 3 copies.
  147. bank clerk              .                                       .                                       Not an option now, but listed here because you may have copied him back in Chapter 1 and thus be down a slot.
  148. In descending order, I recommend zapping loan shark, Kingsman, Aramite, Big Man, politician, and scribe, plus you should have zapped the bank clerk from Chapter 1. Talk to the halfling instead of copying.
  149. After an an initial conversation, Trin in the throne room will remind you how many more she can copy. Max based on Trin affection: 6 base, 7 at 30, 8 at 50.
  151. Try and save difficult combat for after you tentacle and cure Aka. Once you do, hit the fighting ring first since she solos that. After becoming fighting ring champ, if you dealt with the Kingsmen bar, go talk to the red-haired man in it for free Rune Armor.
  153. If you dealt with the Queensmen bar and copied Big Man, talk to a bar patron for free Iron Robes.
  155. Don't miss the cult quest - started by checking an outskirts notice board, it's not listed in the quest log for some reason.
  157. Robin is best test-taker, and passing all tests properly will get you a hat described as "So stylish!"
  159. There's eventually a third option for the mine if you talk to an elf in the Lower City. Whether it's a good idea is... undetermined.
  161. Be sure to give all six mine papers to the guy in the House of Petitions.
  163. Don't forget to check in with the ambassador in the royal chambers to tell him about all you've done for the poor.
  165. == Megail's route ==
  167. Check with the mine and bank for profits.
  169. Don't miss the Yhilini supplier and magic trade investment opportunities before leaving Yhilin; they're worth considering. Magic trade synergizes with Stineford magic shop if you got that.
  171. Don't use Varia's bomb in the Yhilin-Aram pass.
  173. Be sure to do all the bounties marked in your quest log - this opens a 20k Sx investment you'll probably want, and gives you a cheaper legal way to access Eustrin.
  175. == Simon's route ==
  177. This part gives optimizers headaches; there's no one true way to do it. In general, though, you want to do unique events, not generic repeatable ones. Also note that sex heals Simon, so you only need to hit the bed once, if at all. The affection guide has much to say about this route. Specific tips: exercise the first 3 days, ask Chaya for books, get trained by the Philon ambassador ASAP, get Cleavage with Nalili before using her in combat.
  179. Some conversations with Esthera or Nalili are subject to a 1-day cooldown. You may have to pass time before the next becomes available.
  181. You need five "succubus lore" to pass one of the appeals office tasks. If you don't want to read them all, the best books are:
  182. Orc Breeding I and II, each granting Balia affection
  183. Succubi III and History, together granting Yarra affection
  184. Succubi I and II, which only take a day each if you requested books from Chaya
  186. Nalili has five events that raise a hidden "maturity" variable. These are:
  187.         Defending her personal guard when she tells her not to ruin the fun and then letting her train (forgoing +3 affection),
  188.         conversation about her failure to hide her identity and the fakeness of her city relationships,
  189.         participating in the 2nd floor succubus meeting while Esthera's gone,
  190.         moving boxes for pay in the city (-2 affection),
  191.         getting the Office Orgy scene.
  192. The conversation after beating the smuggler succubus doesn't grant a maturity point, despite appearances.
  193. You need 3 maturity points to unlock the event teaching Nalili Cleavage.
  195. It's OK to go ahead and fuck Nalili.
  197. Don't fight the Elite Succubus without Dominate.
  199. You can beat Esthera in her purple outfit, but you'll want the massage buff. You can't beat her in her black outfit.
  201. It's efficient to save the mage room event for the last playable day.
  203. == reunion ==
  205. First girl you talk to gets +5 affection.
  207. There are some investments you can get a second shot at, for either higher prices or lower rewards. Just maybe don't invest in the bank, because as Megail implies, you want in excess of 1 million ProN for Ardford.
  209. After visiting the city, come back and see the girls again for possible lewds.
  211. Don't forget to give Robin a research project, if given the option.
  213. == Ardford ==
  215. Invest in the Merchant's Guild before others if you plan to, since they require 1M liquid ProN even tho they only take 100k.
  217. Vhala joins you on summit day 2, so you may want to wait for combat til then.
  219. This wiki article is pretty trustworthy for the politics.
  220. Talk to the Ardoheim ambassador each day, and after the summit, but never tell him how you'll vote.
  221. [I should add more tips here]
  223. 6 missable Dari investigation clues: Examine the deteriorated Unperson in The Hole, Hester prior to the Unperson vote, Tyna with Vhala, Inquisitor in the Cathedral with Vhala, Inquisitor in the Holy Knights of Ardoheim building (requires Robin to have researched Essence Shielding), Merchant Guild member services (requires Merchant Guild membership).
  225. When the spider appears, run toward the mirror for more spiders.
  227. Persuade the rich Givini to help to get a Givini pin and properly complete that quest.
  229. There are 9 disturbances. You will want to max MDF and have Robin and Yarra active to beat demons. Don't forget to report back to the nun.
  231. You have to invest at least 10k into the Order of Silence to access one combat area.
  233. Here's how to get the best possible deal for Vinario. First, take note of Yarra's and Megail's affections before leaving Yhilin, since you cannot see them in Ardford. You want above 90 at some point for Yarra to do her illusion thing, and above 50 when Megail helps negotiate. Both women's affections will fluctuate during the Ardford summit, so make sure to go negotiate when they'll be above the threshold.
  234. "Not a chance in hell"
  235. "Megail?" (ideally when her affection > 50)
  236. "War Vote" (only available after the war vote)
  237. meet him at the Silver Stump, "Then you never expected to get your kingdom back?"
  238. back at the embassy, "Leave"
  239. on the way out the door he should accost you, if not repeat previous step
  240. if you have been able to reduce the price to 200k, refuse and come back with between 100k and 200k on-hand
  241. purchase Vinario for 100k.
  243. 4 sex scenes: 200 Sx meal at the Silver Stump, 500 Sx reserved bath at the Gardens of Steam, bed in Givini poorhouse basement after clearing, tent in empty lot (requires Order of Silence investment, any amount)
  245. == Battle of Yhilin ==
  247. uh... good luck [I haven't finished analyzing this part yet.]
  248. If your opponents are clustered, hold the healers' clearing. If spread out, just rescue party members.
  250. In the Hidden Stronghold, you can turn off attack animations for speed, plus turning on instant text makes text skip really fly.
  251. You can access the guarded chest in the storeroom for a Shining Sword once the timer starts, and Yarra's Incubus King's Emissary is good for taking out the guardians in a hurry.
  252. There's no penalty for fighting the wandering guards, so you should do it, assuming you can do it and still reach the goal in time.
  254. Send Carina to heal Lord Thelon, unless Qum is at 100 affection and was never whored out, in which case send Qum.