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  1. 01:24:56 @Tenicu how are things looking?
  2. 02:59:28 ~copypaste good
  3. 02:59:36 ~copypaste at least, on my end
  4. 03:00:05 ~copypaste vfec.8 will go live tonight, i'll redirect to it as many boards as it can handle
  5. 03:00:46 ~copypaste it can probably handle every non-top25 board based on local tests, but we will knwo for sure how it fares when working with the live site's mysql server
  6. 03:01:33 ~copypaste i do not think that n-tech has anything ready for a parallel test, because he would hae mentioned it when we met yesterday
  7. 03:01:36 ~copypaste i can be wrong though
  8. 03:01:44 ~copypaste vfec.8 will buy next some more much needed time
  9. 03:01:52 ~copypaste (if it works)
  10. 03:01:54 %n-tech vfec?
  11. 03:01:58 ~copypaste if not, the current broken state of affairs will continue
  12. 03:02:04 ~copypaste sure, it's the 25th tomorrow isn't it
  13. 03:02:33 ~copypaste are we doing a parallel test?
  14. 03:02:38 %n-tech no?
  15. 03:02:57 %n-tech I haven't worked on Next much at all since everyone just threw their hands up and gave up
  16. 03:03:06 ~copypaste ok so no parallel test
  17. 03:03:08 ~copypaste just like i thought
  18. 03:03:08 %n-tech I have no money and no motivation, literally every single person in the world just gave up
  19. 03:04:18 ~copypaste i was planning on testing next+varnish along with vfec+varnish tomorrow if it was ready
  20. 03:04:24 ~copypaste but i didn't think it was going to be ready
  21. 03:04:57 ~copypaste i have an old i5 server which was just decommissioned from 2ch for
  22. 03:05:13 ~copypaste so it won't affect anything you've worked on, i won't be putting it on 05 or 08
  23. 03:05:16 %n-tech people are probably going to like it more because it's just vichan
  24. 03:05:27 ~copypaste if you are giving up though i would like those 2 back
  25. 03:05:32 ~copypaste i can put another mysql server on one
  26. 03:05:38 %n-tech it's very good to see that everyone joined hands and worked on this together like one big happy family
  27. 03:05:40 %n-tech that must be nice
  28. 03:06:06 ~copypaste 05 and 08 are the better servers
  29. 03:06:16 ~copypaste they're i7 sandy bridge, 14 is i5 sandy bridge
  30. 03:06:22 %n-tech take whatever you want mate it's your shit, no one seems to care anyways
  31. 03:06:24 ~copypaste also there's 2 of them versus 1
  32. 03:06:25 %n-tech so whatever
  33. 03:07:05 ~copypaste i care, but i don't know how to help you
  34. 03:07:17 ~copypaste if you have some other way i can help you other than give you mroe money
  35. 03:07:29 %n-tech you literally bragged about sitting around being unproductive and playing video games in December months after you abandoned every single thing I asked you to do
  36. 03:07:39 %n-tech You didn't create static pages, you didn't finish secure tripcodes
  37. 03:07:44 %n-tech and nobody for half a year wanted to help
  38. 03:07:53 ~copypaste those two things wouldn't solve the current situation
  39. 03:07:54 %n-tech The logic was that I was being paid so therefore nobody else should want to do anything
  40. 03:07:59 ~copypaste as unfortunate as not finishng them was
  41. 03:08:00 %n-tech no, but they'd show a token amount of effot
  42. 03:08:20 %n-tech you didn't do anything until I had problems, and your reaction was to start working on something else
  43. 03:08:31 %n-tech the only person in the entire world who gives a shit about Next is OdiliTime and he's not going to write code or finance this
  44. 03:08:40 %n-tech he's going to finance Endchan or whatever
  45. 03:09:13 ~copypaste i think sometihng happened irl to odili
  46. 03:09:18 ~copypaste he was always so careful about being doxed
  47. 03:09:29 ~copypaste now he seems to not care
  48. 03:09:31 ~copypaste perhaps he lost his job
  49. 03:11:35 %n-tech after fixing the issue with the captchas the site seems to load fast enough
  50. 03:11:53 ~copypaste so we should do a parallel test?
  51. 03:11:58 %n-tech the varnish thing doesn't seem appealing because to splice up the document (i.e. creating a different request per each action menu) involves 1 request per post
  52. 03:12:03 %n-tech so varnish seems less attractive as a result
  53. 03:12:14 %n-tech and I'm not sure how to go about writing varnish script so that it only caches anonymous or something
  54. 03:12:22 %n-tech mate idk. it's your site. next is as done as im going to get it.
  55. 03:12:38 %n-tech i've got enough to live on until the end of my term here
  56. 03:12:45 %n-tech after that I don't think anyone wants more of me
  57. 03:14:05 ~copypaste did you do any further testing after you fixed the captcha-ip-indexing problem?
  58. 03:14:16 %n-tech I don't have to. The site doesn't take 5 seconds to load
  59. 03:14:22 %n-tech people are casually using it to post egyptian girls
  60. 03:14:32 %n-tech average load time now is like 300ms
  61. 03:14:34 ~copypaste i mean load testing
  62. 03:14:36 %n-tech down from 10000ms
  63. 03:14:44 %n-tech I think they redirected /b/
  64. 03:14:47 %n-tech and it worked
  65. 03:14:49 ~copypaste who is `they'?
  66. 03:14:51 %n-tech ron
  67. 03:14:53 ~copypaste ok
  68. 03:14:54 %n-tech before he gave up too
  69. 03:14:56 ~copypaste wait
  70. 03:14:57 %n-tech along with everyone else who gave up
  71. 03:15:00 ~copypaste why did he give up if /b/ worked?
  72. 03:15:04 ~copypaste this /b/ thing is new information to me
  73. 03:15:07 %n-tech because it has too many loops
  74. 03:15:12 ~copypaste lol, fuck the loops
  75. 03:15:16 ~copypaste i'm not getting into this again
  76. 03:15:25 %n-tech because it's on php and has too many loops and it's written by a lolcow who rapes and murders boys and women
  77. 03:15:30 %n-tech these are all things that make bad software
  78. 03:15:40 ~copypaste if /b/ worked why isn't /b/ still redirecting
  79. 03:15:46 %n-tech because everyone gave up
  80. 03:15:49 %n-tech and nobody likes next
  81. 03:15:50 ~copypaste who is everyone?
  82. 03:15:52 %n-tech they want vichan
  83. 03:15:56 %n-tech every single person who is currently alive
  84. 03:16:00 %n-tech and probably some who are dead
  85. 03:16:04 ~copypaste how did you fail to mention this also when we met
  86. 03:16:12 %n-tech because it was already a week old at that point
  87. 03:16:17 %n-tech i fixed it 2 days after we made an ultimatum
  88. 03:16:19 %n-tech everyone gave up
  89. 03:16:40 ~copypaste how many requests per second did it manage during this /b/ test
  90. 03:16:45 ~copypaste i was under the impression this test failed
  91. 03:16:48 %n-tech dunno. i wasn't doing the testing.
  92. 03:16:53 ~copypaste is still operational? can i do another test right now?
  93. 03:16:58 %n-tech if you'd like
  94. 03:17:00 ~copypaste ron must have had a reason to give up
  95. 03:17:01 ~copypaste i'll call him
  96. 03:17:03 ~copypaste thank you
  97. 03:17:04 %n-tech the loops
  98. 03:17:08 ~copypaste a real reason
  99. 03:17:12 ~copypaste that's hearsay
  100. 03:17:16 %n-tech he doesn't like me i dont think
  101. 03:17:25 %n-tech i sounded clueless when i started asking questions about "quadratic time"
  102. 03:17:31 %n-tech I'm not educated in programming, I just do programming
  103. 03:17:34 %n-tech so I don't know terminology.
  104. 03:17:52 ~copypaste quadratic time is O(n^2) i think
  105. 03:18:05 ~copypaste or is it O(2n^2)
  106. 03:18:09 ~copypaste either way it doesn't matter
  107. 03:18:18 &linear the 2n isn't important yeah
  108. 03:18:35 &linear quadratic is a polynomial of degree 2
  109. 03:19:01 &linear so n^2 and so on, but still polynomial
  110. 03:19:27 %n-tech
  111. 03:19:32 %n-tech i think this is going to be my giving up song
  112. 03:19:59 ~copypaste hahaha
  113. 03:20:01 ~copypaste oh man
  114. 03:20:04 ~copypaste anyway, i left ron a message
  115. 03:22:30 ~copypaste if next handled the load fine with the PGSQL thing fixed, i will pitch having RQI add varnish support using events to jim when i see him this friday. they know VCL already
  116. 03:22:43 ~copypaste either way i'm going forwards with vfec.8 to buy time
  117. 03:22:51 ~copypaste thank you for this information
  118. 03:23:16 %n-tech you should porbably just stick with whatever you're calling the front end thing
  119. 03:23:19 %n-tech it's vichan, that's what people want
  120. 03:23:20 ~copypaste perhaps i could even do it myself if i tried. i am partial to vichan though. as much as it sucks at least i know how it works
  121. 03:23:27 %n-tech everyone is going to jump ship when they have to deal with a new UI
  122. 03:23:33 ~copypaste everyone already has jumped ship
  123. 03:23:36 ~copypaste our bandwidth is down 50%
  124. 03:23:53 ~copypaste it doesn't much matter what we do at this point
  125. 03:24:19 ~copypaste 50% is a big jump from just blocking google images
  126. 03:24:27 ~copypaste i know why it's really down, and so does everyone here
  127. 03:24:42 ~copypaste hiroyuki is admining 4chan more fairly than moot, he added a news board even
  128. 03:24:55 ~copypaste and our broken cripplechan cannot compete with that
  129. 03:24:57 %nunufag that board is mostly dead though
  130. 03:24:59 ~copypaste that'd be all. thanks guys
  131. 03:25:02 %nunufag the news board he added
  132. 03:26:15 &linear posting isn't down as much yet
  133. 03:26:17 ~copypaste it's actually good our bandwidth is down, less of a financial hit. if VFEC works i can start winding down servers which are doing NFS work right now. then it will be more resilient if 4chan has another
  134. ``cuckening''.
  135. 03:26:18 &linear the site still has a userbase
  136. 03:26:38 %n-tech a userbase that hates everyone up at the top lol
  137. 03:26:41 ~copypaste i'm not crying over this, trust me.  
  138. 03:26:55 &linear n-tech: a userbase that hates everyone*
  139. 03:27:05 ~copypaste ^
  140. 03:28:10 ~copypaste most posts on imageboards are negative. actions and words are much different. do you think half the people who post on /pol/ would rail against niggers and jews in real life? it's just a place to blow off
  141. steam. it doesn't really matter even what you're talking about
  142. 03:28:14 ~copypaste for many imageboards are therapy
  143. 03:28:48 ~copypaste it doesn't bother me that we're not liked. every IB has a honeymoon period where the admins can do no wrong and the mods are gods
  144. 03:28:52 ~copypaste the honeymoon always ends
  145. 03:29:29 %n-tech the deck was stacked against me, i'll never understand this
  146. 03:29:32 %n-tech I really do have negative charisma
  147. 03:29:34 ~copypaste anyway, VFEC tomorrow. pitch varnish/VCL support for Next to Jim, reposess troi05 and troi08
  148. 03:29:39 ~copypaste my todo list
  149. 03:29:40 ~copypaste thanks
  150. 03:29:44 %n-tech People immediately, immediately decided they were all going to make their own projects
  151. 03:30:23 ~copypaste no one immediately decided anything. it took me weeks to dust off read.php after the intial problems began
  152. 03:30:24 &linear A lot of people were heavily biased against a PHP framework though
  153. 03:30:27 ~copypaste and three or four failed migrations
  154. 03:30:37 ~copypaste your timeline is all messed up in your head, so get it straight
  155. 03:30:45 %n-tech I'm not even talking about you
  156. 03:30:51 %n-tech you're so narcissistic
  157. 03:30:57 %n-tech The very same week Next was announced
  158. 03:31:04 ~copypaste lynxchan was around before next
  159. 03:31:05 %n-tech both Lynxchan and Czak's ruby Vichan2 were announced
  160. 03:31:17 ~copypaste czaks told me about the ruby chan before it too
  161. 03:31:17 %n-tech Lynx wanted to help with Next
  162. 03:31:21 %n-tech and in under a day he changed that  
  163. 03:31:32 ~copypaste da, because they weren't going to be paid
  164. 03:31:45 ~copypaste they both pitched to me when they thought they may be paid
  165. 03:31:52 ~copypaste next had nothing to do with those 2
  166. 03:31:55 %n-tech and then they did it for free out of spite
  167. 03:32:05 ~copypaste czaks has released a prototype?
  168. 03:32:08 ~copypaste or is it just lynx?
  169. 03:32:37 %nunufag just lynx i think
  170. 03:32:48 %nunufag i didn't even know vichan2 was even a thing
  171. 03:33:26 ~copypaste czaks is my friend, although we don't always see eye to eye. we talked just a few days ago though, i was talking to him about my planned vichan commits and asked his ideas. he moved recently to warsaw and
  172. is looking for a job there
  173. 03:33:30 ~copypaste i highly doubt czaks has worked on a chan
  174. 03:33:53 ~copypaste someone came into #vichan-devel on 6irc asking czaks about repository activity and czaks says vichan is on hiatus
  175. 03:34:07 ~copypaste i keep into contact with hm regularly since we worked together for years before i met you
  176. 03:34:21 %n-tech Even if he did write not a single line he did say he would
  177. 03:34:23 ~copypaste he's unreliable and a bit of a drunk but i know him
  178. 03:34:33 %n-tech Vichan2 was a thing announced in the first Next thread, and he decided to maintain Infinity
  179. 03:34:58 ~copypaste czaks infinity maintenance consists of just keeping alive, which he made way before next was announced
  180. 03:35:01 ~copypaste or is it
  181. 03:35:04 ~copypaste i forget the url
  182. 03:35:30 ~copypaste i remember him asking for help setting it up, people on vichan ( were asking him to let them make their own boards like 8chan
  183. 03:35:34 ~copypaste after 8chan became ``big''
  184. 03:36:23 ~copypaste DOMAIN NAME: 
  185. 03:36:23 ~copypaste registrant type:       individual
  186. 03:36:23 ~copypaste nameservers: 
  187. 03:36:23 ~copypaste              
  188. 03:36:23 ~copypaste created:               2015.02.14 23:49:11
  189. 03:36:33 ~copypaste yes, just like i thought. i'm not losing my mind
  190. 03:37:11 ~copypaste czaks doesn't have it out for you. you've made these two into your own mental enemies for reasons that escape me. they didn't see you were working and then immediately team up against you.
  191. 03:37:42 ~copypaste czaks was only upset that i didn't choose to advertise his effort on 8chan over yours
  192. 03:37:47 ~copypaste as was lynx
  193. 03:38:56 %n-tech Lynx sends me creepy shit
  194. 03:39:07 %n-tech Like he shows up any time I'm mentioned, shills actively on beta. and /next/
  195. 03:39:14 %n-tech He sent me weird messages on Twitter too
  196. 03:39:29 %n-tech He gives me Obamatron vibes
  197. 03:39:45 %n-tech I don't consider czaks my "enemy", and I never said that
  198. 03:39:52 %n-tech I just pointed out that anybody who could have helped did not
  199. 03:40:08 %n-tech A few heavy donators from /v/ supplied a few hundred dollars each per month and that's all that kept the project going
  200. 03:40:13 %n-tech Nobody else gave even a little code  
  201. 03:40:22 %n-tech you made like 3 contributions total the entire year of 2015, uguu made 1
  202. 03:40:23 %n-tech the rest was me
  203. 03:40:33 ~copypaste so?
  204. 03:40:46 %n-tech it was easy to keep going when people were still like, excited
  205. 03:41:06 %n-tech through November to now every single person in the world decided I was Hitler incarnate
  206. 03:41:18 %n-tech and they seemed to prefer broken code that wasn't mine for the sake of it not being mine
  207. 03:41:21 %n-tech and it's like, why bother
  208. 03:41:26 %n-tech I cannot talk to people and win them over
  209. 03:41:29 %n-tech and my merits don't matter
  210. 03:41:32 %n-tech and nobody wants to get involved  
  211. 03:41:34 %n-tech and nobody wants to fund it
  212. 03:41:37 %n-tech so there's no impetus
  213. 03:41:38 %n-tech nobody
  214. 03:41:39 %n-tech cares
  215. 03:41:44 ~copypaste people did fund it for 6 months
  216. 03:41:50 %n-tech and that time is over now
  217. 03:41:53 ~copypaste indeed
  218. 03:41:53 %n-tech nobody cares [anymore]
  219. 03:42:14 ~copypaste only so many migrations could fail before people give up. imagine being on the other side of the table
  220. 03:42:24 %n-tech Ron has also decided he doesn't want to work with me so that line is gone
  221. 03:42:28 ~copypaste especially with [most of] the site broken the whole time so a time element being involved
  222. 03:42:32 ~copypaste ah, i'm sorry to hear that
  223. 03:42:33 %n-tech everything I saw as so great leaving Japan is just dead now
  224. 03:43:27 ~copypaste if i were on the other side of the table i'd certainly be against us, because that's how chans work. mob mentality is strong, that's how 8chan became flush with users in the first place.
  225. 03:43:57 %n-tech 8chan was the only real hope at having an alternative to 4chan
  226. 03:44:17 %n-tech at least until nntpchan becomes a thing if ever
  227. 03:44:26 %n-tech part of what makes a chan fun is activity
  228. 03:44:27 ~copypaste if it does it will be for nerds only. you know how it is.
  229. 03:44:32 %n-tech it doesn't matter how strong the groundwork is if nobody uses it
  230. 03:45:56 ~copypaste okay. i'm going to let users know my plans, and get to work on setting up the vfec.8 server tonight. i hope it works, just that something works through all this failure.
  231. 03:46:27 ~copypaste i'll pitch varnish support for next on friday. i can probably get approval because i'll soon be the manager there anyway.
  232. 03:47:17 ~copypaste if i can't, i can get approval once i actually become the manager and know who's working on what and who is free and pitch it with more knowledge, but that won't be for a whle due to visa issues for the
  233. outgoing manager
  234. 03:48:18 ~copypaste i think i'll also talk to czaks some more, since he has no job. 8chan still has 10BTC in reserve.
  235. 03:48:28 ~copypaste he takes payment in bitcoin only.
  236. 03:48:35 ~copypaste since you've given up and aren't staff please part here.
  237. 03:48:53 %n-tech lol, why do you do this
  238. 03:49:04 %n-tech [express hopelessness because nobody cares]
  239. 03:49:16 %n-tech [reaffirm hopelessness] [say that you're going to pay someone else] [get mad at me]
  240. 03:49:20 %n-tech you're destructive as fuck
  241. 03:49:29 %n-tech you constantly prune useful people around you in bizarre fits
  242. 03:49:39 %n-tech and seriously, if you're going to be all holier than thou
  243. 03:49:44 %n-tech I fucking carried you like an infant
  244. 03:49:48 %n-tech you asked me to empty your piss jars
  245. 03:49:55 %n-tech if you're going to pull this fucking shit on me
  246. 03:49:58 %n-tech you are the worst kind of person
  247. 03:50:08 ~copypaste do you want to stay in here? is that why you're so mad right now?
  248. 03:50:24 %n-tech I want you to stop being a bizarre sociopathic hobgoblin that treats people like tools
  249. 03:50:48 %n-tech like oh boy i have the joshhammer the czakswrench and the lynxdrill
  250. 03:50:51 %n-tech what am i going to fix this problem with
  251. 03:50:56 %n-tech i just have so much money and so many options
  252. 03:50:59 %n-tech well the joshhammer sure is heavy
  253. 03:51:01 %n-tech better get rid of him
  254. 03:51:07 ~copypaste you've expressed the situation is hopeless, i can't convince you otherwise (i'm not even going to try), so i'm coming up with an alternate plan
  255. 03:51:14 %n-tech exactly, you're not even going to try
  256. 03:51:17 %n-tech you're not going to pitch ideas
  257. 03:51:22 %n-tech or huddle up and think of stuff
  258. 03:51:23 ~copypaste i have none to pitch
  259. 03:51:24 %n-tech you're just going to give up
  260. 03:51:29 %n-tech and when the next thing fails
  261. 03:51:32 %n-tech you're going to give up on that
  262. 03:51:39 %n-tech and then you'll give up on 8chan and work on 2ch with Jim
  263. 03:51:43 %n-tech and live happily ever after
  264. 03:51:49 %n-tech and everyone else you've met along the way
  265. 03:51:52 %n-tech can go fuck themselves
  266. 03:52:09 ~copypaste how would you solve the current problem?
  267. 03:52:31 %n-tech What is the current problem?
  268. 03:52:34 ~copypaste i'm not meeting you at an emotional level because this is not an emotional problem, it's a technical problem
  269. 03:52:48 %n-tech That's the first step. precisely diagnosis the issue.
  270. 03:52:54 %n-tech You don't even know what's holding it back anymore
  271. 03:52:58 %n-tech You have no idea what the issue even is
  272. 03:53:09 ~copypaste right which is why i called ron
  273. 03:53:18 ~copypaste i was done ten minutes ago, waiting for more info
  274. 03:53:25 ~copypaste then you continued with the hopelessness line
  275. 03:53:27 %n-tech Why would Ron know?
  276. 03:53:33 ~copypaste because as you said above, he did the test
  277. 03:53:38 %n-tech Ron looked around at some stack traces and bitched about loops before fucking off to fix your thing
  278. 03:53:39 ~copypaste and he came to the independent conclusion of hopelessness
  279. 03:53:52 %n-tech I was wrong, we didn't test after I fixed the issue.
  280. 03:53:57 %n-tech I was going to add Varnish too but encounterd a problem
  281. 03:53:59 %n-tech and I finally faltered.
  282. 03:54:16 %n-tech It was between fixing the pgsql and captcha issue and deciding to move forward with Varnish
  283. 03:54:21 ~copypaste ok, so all the reasoning above is built on incorrect facts
  284. 03:54:22 %n-tech that my big fuse finally burnt out
  285. 03:55:28 ~copypaste so really what we need to do is a parallel test, which is what i thought an hour ago when i said
  286. 03:55:29 ~copypaste 03:02:33 ~copypaste are we doing a parallel test?
  287. 03:55:39 %n-tech I don't know if we're ready for a parallel test
  288. 03:55:40 ~copypaste sigh
  289. 03:55:52 %n-tech I don't know anything at this point, it's been a week since I touched coude
  290. 03:55:53 %n-tech code*
  291. 03:55:59 ~copypaste yes i know that
  292. 03:58:23 ~copypaste so, here's the correct diagnosis of the problem. Next is still promising, but the lead developer wants to quit due to a combination of a loss of user support, a lack of funds and feeling as if even those
  293. who can make the decisions are against him.
  294. 03:58:31 ~copypaste so it is an emotional issue and not a technical one and i was wrong
  295. 03:58:33 ~copypaste is that right?
  296. 03:58:52 %n-tech As far as I know. I don't know what the next step is and no one is involved enough for it to matter.
  297. 03:59:08 ~copypaste okay. to be honest i also think the situation is hopeless.
  298. 03:59:17 ~copypaste we're more on the same page than you know
  299. 03:59:41 ~copypaste it seems like it's just one thing after another
  300. 04:00:04 ~copypaste the blind cannot lead the blind. i can't lead you out of hopelessness when i am myself hopeless.
  301. 04:00:54 ~copypaste i think next can be gotten to work, but that you are rightfully burned out.
  302. 04:01:44 ~copypaste i mean, you've worked on this for over six months. you've barely left your apartment since you started, and it's pretty much all you've thought of. i have no idea how to motivate someone so profoundly
  303. burned out, especially with failed migration after failed migration
  304. 04:01:57 ~copypaste odili, by the way, is also of the opinion that next can be gotten to work. we also talked about it.
  305. 04:02:06 %n-tech he's one of the only remaining lights
  306. 04:02:20 ~copypaste he's also of the opinion that Varnish will help
  307. 04:02:31 %n-tech The issue with varnish is the bits of responsive content
  308. 04:02:36 ~copypaste definitely not in a split-page way though
  309. 04:02:37 %n-tech I don't know how I would get the lists to work
  310. 04:02:48 %n-tech well, there's not much else to be done
  311. 04:02:52 ~copypaste you would have the application set a logged in cookie, varnish would read that
  312. 04:03:04 ~copypaste and pass requests down where the user is logged in (ignore the cache)
  313. 04:03:08 %n-tech most people who will be logged in will not have general permissions
  314. 04:03:24 ~copypaste it's fine. varnish only has to cache to most-common-case to be successful
  315. 04:03:31 %n-tech i imagine most will even have an account at some point, especially if we add a monetized captcha pass thing.
  316. 04:03:52 %n-tech That's why I wanted to exclude specific parts of the page
  317. 04:03:55 ~copypaste i don't think so. maybe more people would log in in that case, but not most
  318. 04:04:05 ~copypaste chans are 90% lurkers. i have logs to prove it
  319. 04:04:23 %n-tech the issue with trying to get varnish to work that way is that Laravel works using a singular token
  320. 04:04:28 %n-tech There is the laravel_session cookie and nothing else
  321. 04:04:36 %n-tech from that all other meaningful information is derived
  322. 04:04:54 ~copypaste simple patch. on log in set_cookie, on logout set_cookie(cookie_name, null, 0)
  323. 04:05:01 ~copypaste it's a hack, yes.
  324. 04:05:58 ~copypaste i know laravel uses its one cookie, but nothing stopping adding another. they didn't overload that function, did they?
  325. 04:06:13 ~copypaste they may even have a class which does it. `Cookie(  ゚〜゚ )et` or whatever.
  326. 04:06:19 ~copypaste lol, sorry. my auto smiley kicked in
  327. 04:06:27 %n-tech No, there's a facade to do that  
  328. 04:06:30 %n-tech A cookie:: facade
  329. 04:06:34 %n-tech it's a simple process but I fear hacks
  330. 04:06:50 %n-tech the code is relatively well held together for being made by one psychopath over the course of a full pregnancy term
  331. 04:07:40 %n-tech Okay  
  332. 04:07:56 %n-tech we can do an laravel_user_id cookie
  333. 04:08:00 %n-tech but all this will be is an integer
  334. 04:08:09 %n-tech if it's anything other than an integer or a not set at all
  335. 04:08:13 %n-tech varnish can cache anything not in /cp/
  336. 04:08:18 %n-tech that will be like 90% of requests
  337. 04:08:29 ~copypaste that's fine. VCL provides this via req.http.Cookie
  338. 04:08:32 ~copypaste it will work well i imagine
  339. 04:11:51 ~copypaste i'll let the sociopathic hobgoblin thing go. i am pretty crazy, i know. i also will leave troi05 and troi08 alone. let me know how it goes n-tech
  340. 04:12:09 ~copypaste i'll continue with the thing i worked on to give more time, but if you can do it by tonight i'll drop it
  341. 04:12:17 ~copypaste and we can do another test
  342. 04:12:47 ~copypaste if not, even if i do make vichan work better i'm still behind next, no matter how many people leave over the UI or whatever
  343. 04:13:02 %n-tech I would advise, internally, setting expectations after I've gotten off Linode entirely and we meet up with that guy in Kapputtatn or whatever
  344. 04:13:12 ~copypaste the sheer amount of time and hacks it will take to make vichan like next is frightening
  345. 04:13:27 ~copypaste OK
  346. 04:14:14 ~copypaste court is adjourned. i know that nunufag is sitting there reading every line of this and taking notes
  347. 04:14:32 ~copypaste hello nunufag, how are you?
  348. 04:14:38 %nunufag fine
  349. 04:14:56 %nunufag how are you copypaste
  350. 04:15:04 ~copypaste quite well for a sociopathic hobgoblin
  351. 04:15:11 %nunufag lel
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  353. 04:30:18 -- Channel #8chan-staff: 20 nicks (14 ops, 4 halfops, 0 voices, 2 normals)
  355. I think things are pretty much settled but call Ron anyway. He tells me...
  357. 1) He never gave up on Next;
  358. 2) He never said that for-loops or ``quadratic time'' was the problem;
  359. 3) He never withdrew a job offer that Josh was going to use to support himself.
  361. With this new information I confronted Josh:
  363. 12:38:03 ~copypaste n-tech: we need to talk when you get back on
  364. 12:48:57 %n-tech @ copypaste, pm
  365. 12:54:58 ~copypaste that pause was me locking things down. i hope i got everything.
  366. 12:54:59 ~copypaste n-tech: hi, sorry, no can do. we started this here and have to end it here. i was thinking of letting this go but it's eating at me. i called ron shortly after our conversation was over. he said that he
  367. never told you he wouldn't pay you for that unrelated contract. he also said that he never gave up on next, and the last thing he said to you was that he was going to be out for a few days
  368. 12:54:59 ~copypaste but offered his help to you fi you needed it. why would you lie to me about this? did you think i woldn't really call him?
  369. 12:55:23 ~copypaste i can't work with people who lie to me. no matter what job they're doing.
  370. 12:55:34 %n-tech I didn't lie to you, I made assumptions based on his actions
  371. 12:55:36 ~copypaste ron and i tried to also understand this.
  372. 12:55:40 %n-tech I told you exactly what I believed.
  373. 12:55:52 ~copypaste except you didn't preface it with "i believe"
  374. 12:56:05 %n-tech Is that not implied? This is what I believe so that's why I'm saying it?
  375. 12:56:20 %n-tech Ron basically stopped talking to me, dismissed everything I said, talked down to me, began working on Infinity's front-end controller
  376. 12:56:26 ~copypaste i also showed ron the conversation and he didn't get the belief thing either
  377. 12:56:38 %n-tech So you think I am actively manipulating you for what purpose
  378. 12:56:49 ~copypaste i'm not sure why
  379. 12:56:57 %n-tech So do you not think that is a problem in your logic
  380. 12:56:59 ~copypaste but i don't have to know why
  381. 12:57:02 %n-tech Or do you think I am horribly irrational
  382. 12:57:04 %n-tech Okay
  383. 12:57:21 ~copypaste not really, mochi manipulates me all the time. it makes sense to her but never to me
  384. 12:57:28 ~copypaste i view that like this
  385. 12:57:56 ~copypaste she left me here alone for 36 hours with no warning a few days ago. i told you about it. i'm sure lying to me and telling me she got in a taxi accident after leaving her cousin's made perfect sense to her
  386. 12:58:13 ~copypaste but when i brought her cousin here and came to the truth, well
  387. 12:58:15 %n-tech You are comparing me to an uneducated Filipina cleaning lady.
  388. 12:58:27 ~copypaste yes, i am.
  389. 12:58:38 %n-tech I'll tell you how it appears to me. If you still don't care that's on you.
  390. 12:58:45 ~copypaste sure
  391. 12:59:21 %n-tech I worked tirelessly on this project and every single time I appealed to you or anyone you know I was shut down. Jim Watkins shuffled out of a coffee shop in a tantrum after I refused to close my source's
  392. code. You repeatedly failed me when I asked you to help me with the simplest tasks. Trying to get Ron to help led to being berated and belittled over technical aspects like for loops.
  393. 12:59:42 ~copypaste ron said he never did that as well
  394. 12:59:57 ~copypaste he said he gave you a short lesson about big O notation, but didn't say that Next was hopeless, or that it was hopeless because of for-loops
  395. 01:00:12 %n-tech Aside from Odili and Johann I have been emotionally battered and repeatedly failed by you and the people you come into contact with. I am currently at the lowest point of the entire project and when I appeal
  396. to you, you confide that you are also hopeless and are now accusing me of being a liar and an emotional manipulator when I have been frank and honest with you for almost a year now.
  397. 01:00:15 ~copypaste we compared logs. the last thing he said to you was that he was going to be out for a few days, which was the truth
  398. 01:00:26 ~copypaste ron has no reason to lie to you, he's a very busy person. i only call him if it's an emergency.
  399. 01:00:34 ~copypaste or to me. 8chan is nothing to him but a toy.
  400. 01:00:40 %n-tech He gave up on the project, I don't know how that isn't obvious
  401. 01:00:47 ~copypaste he said to me he didn't
  402. 01:00:53 %n-tech Well I wish I had known that
  403. 01:00:56 ~copypaste i think it's obvious to you because you're projecting on other people
  404. 01:01:02 ~copypaste and went a week just building this narrative
  405. 01:01:03 %n-tech And you're not doing the same?
  406. 01:01:12 %n-tech I understand your point of view but you don't appear to understand mine
  407. 01:01:26 %n-tech The amount of time, effort, energy, money, and physical freedom I've given up to make it this far is tremendous
  408. 01:01:35 %n-tech And every single time I hit a bump you act like it's all over and I never gave a shit
  409. 01:01:37 %n-tech It's infuriating
  410. 01:02:47 ~copypaste more projection. this is the first time i've locked you out. everyone here who knows me knows that if i feel something is really wrong that's what i do. i have never felt like something was really wrong
  411. before. i'm not good at giving emotional support to people, that's true. i'm a systems admin, not a concellor(sp).
  412. 01:03:15 %n-tech Dealing with people is a part of the job.
  413. 01:03:20 %n-tech You can't treat everyone like your maids.
  414. 01:03:28 %n-tech StephenLynx will never help you now because of how you've treated him.
  415. 01:03:37 %n-tech I hope you're confident in your choices.
  416. 01:03:44 %n-tech Bye.
  417. 01:03:47 << n-tech ( has left #8chan-staff (Leaving)  
  418. 01:03:49 ~copypaste i haven't treated you like a maid. i found you an apartment, i helped you set up servers, i vouched for you before 8chan's users and before its owners
  419. 01:03:51 ~copypaste goodbye.
  420. 01:03:58 ~copypaste well, that's over.
  421. 01:03:59 %nunufag wow
  422. 01:04:32 ~copypaste i have a full clone of infinity-next. i will pitch to jim and RQI to continue it.
  423. 01:04:49 ~copypaste i will continue with my VFEC. i've also been talking to lynx, he says he'll add some stuff that's important to 8chan.
  424. 01:04:58 ~copypaste i can't have liars around me. you all know that. i just can't do it.
  425. 01:05:16 ~copypaste someone who will lie to me about a small thing will later lie about a big thing. it always happens.
  426. 01:05:26 ~copypaste and ron canceling his contracting isn't even a small thing.
  427. 01:05:43 %nunufag josh honestly seems very stressed at this point, i mean considering his entire life has been infinty next for these past few months
  428. 01:05:57 %nunufag maybe he just needs to cool off?
  429. 01:06:41 ~copypaste he made his choice. no explanation for his lies other than i believe them to be true.
  430. 01:06:47 ~copypaste i believe donald trump will be the next president of the US.
  431. 01:07:12 ~copypaste i feel like i'm going to throw up, so i'm going to lay down. VFEC is delayed for a day. thanks guys. if you have any problems with how i handled this please feel free to let me know.
  432. 01:07:31 ~copypaste i just, he even told me that he won't work on Next until i go with some guy in katipunan to find drugs for him.
  433. 01:07:35 ~copypaste i can't do this anymore.
  434. 01:08:04 ~copypaste 04:13:02 %n-tech I would advise, internally, setting expectations after I've gotten off Linode entirely and we meet up with that guy in Kapputtatn or whatever
  435. 01:08:08 ~copypaste that's what that was about.
  436. 01:10:59 %faggetttss oh wow
  437. 01:11:39 %faggetttss withdrawl is a bitch i guess
  438. 01:12:42 %nunufag well it wouldn't be *dramachan* without drama in the irc aswell :^)
  439. 01:13:07 &linear faggetttss: It's for modafinial or something similar, so that's not the case, I think he just thought it'd help him concentrate/work/etc
  440. 01:13:20 ~copypaste yes it's not withdrawals.
  441. 01:13:33 >> n-tech ( has joined #8chan-staff
  442. 01:13:33 -- Mode #8chan-staff [+h n-tech] by Hachi-chan
  443. 01:13:38 %faggetttss ohhhhhhhhhh
  444. 01:13:39 %faggetttss ok
  445. 01:13:43 ~copypaste 01:03:49 ~copypaste i haven't treated you like a maid. i found you an apartment, i helped you set up servers, i vouched for you before 8chan's users and before its owners
  446. 01:13:43 ~copypaste 01:03:51 ~copypaste goodbye.
  447. 01:13:43 ~copypaste 01:03:58 ~copypaste well, that's over.
  448. 01:17:50 << n-tech ( has left #8chan-staff
  449. 01:18:00 ~copypaste i guess he joined for that ?
  450. 01:18:28 @toolshed Hopefully josh was right about people hating him and not his code, so the userbase lets some steam off when you tell then that he left?
  451. 01:18:38 &linear They hate both.

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